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This site is for Jews and non-Jews who want to learn more about Jewish beliefs, or have questions about how Hebrew Scripture has informed and shaped Jewish belief and practice throughout the ages.

The core of the site is a series of 10 essays which explain the Biblical foundations of Jewish belief, and clarify the differences between Jewish theology and Christian theology, using specific Biblical passages. Jewish beliefs concerning life, death, sin, forgiveness, and atonement are quite different from Christian beliefs. On this website you will learn how and why, and in so doing, learn about genuine Judaism.

On the navigation bar to the right, you will find a menu of belief statements which distinguish Judaism from Christianity.

The second part of this website, also on the right in the navigation bar, covers Christian Prooftexts, the 10 verses from the Hebrew Scriptures most commonly used by Christians to proselytize Jews to Christianity. This section shows how Judaism understands these verses differently from Christianity.

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Jews Believe That:

One Person cannot die for the sins of another.

A blood sacrifice is not required for forgiveness of sins.

Jesus was not the messiah.

Gd hates human sacrifices.

People are born pure and without original sin.

Gd is one and indivisible.

There is The Satan, but not The Devil.

Gd does not become human and humans do not become Gd.

"Jews for Jesus," "Messianic Jews," and "Hebrew Christians" are not Jews.

About the "Jewish roots" of Christianity

Christian Prooftexts and the Jewish Response:

Genesis 1:1

Genesis 1:26

Genesis 3;22

Genesis 49:10

Leviticus 17:11

Isaiah 9:6

Jeremiah 31:31

Psalms 110:1

Proverbs 30:2-4

Isaiah 53


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